Picky Vicki


Preservative and Gluten FREE!

Picky Vicki makes the perfect homemade barbecue sauce for any taste or style. Whether you are looking for something mild like the "Nice 'N' Sweet" barbecue sauce. Something with a strong spicy kick like the "Hot Stuff" or something in-between, Vicki's got the sauce for you! Picky Vicki sauces can be used on any barbecued meat, in baked beans, stews, etc. Think of it as a substitute for any dish you would use ketchup.


Finally! Sauces that stress FLAVOR above Heat

Our award winning bbq sauces are all natural. They are preservative free, gluten free and contain no high fructose corn syrup. Vicki is dedicated to producing a tasty, yet healthier product for you and your family.


Please browse our website for details about each flavor. We also offer gift baskets. Check out our recipes page where you can download Picky Vicki's favorite recipes such as baby back ribs, BBQ meatballs, and pulled pork. With these excellent recipes and Vicki's delicious sauces, your next barbecue will be a huge success.


For a unique and delicious experience in gourmet barbecue sauces, try Picky Vicki's sauces. We stress the flavor of the sauce and not burn-your-tongue heat. Our tasty gluten free barbecue sauce is sure to spice up your next barbecue! For more information about our sauces, call (443) 876-4793 or email Picky Vicki at pickyvicki99@yahoo.com. Feel free to use our contact form, check out our Facebook page, or sign up for our newsletter.

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