In 2008, Demeyere marked its 100th birthday with the launch of a new series, designed by celebrated British architect John Pawson. The combination of functional complexity and formal simplicity gives this series its unique contemporary character and appeal.

A pan might seem like a very straightforward object to design, but the reality is that smallness of scale does not equate with lack of complexity. The union of form and function must be seamless. There would have been no point in identifying the perfect simple profile, for example, if the lip did not pour well. Visual comfort would likewise lose its value if the pan did not feel good in the hand. I knew I could leave the more specialized technical issues to the team at Demeyere. My efforts have focused on the shape of the body and on the detail and angle of the junction between body and handle. My goal has been something which looked different, but right, equally at home over a flame or on a table – modern but not modish and thus liable to lose its freshness quickly."

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